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Festival 2014 - All Done & Dusted
Tuesday, 30 September 2014 11:57

Festival bar empty

That's it for another year!

Only been a couple of days but it seems like an age already!

But, the good memories remain...

Good from the perspective that it was another very successful festival from all points of view.

There was more & new breweries, more beers, but more important more of you came along to enjoy the selection of ales and beers!

Busiest Saturday afternoon yet!

Saturday afternoon gets busier every year and our own local Kinneil Brewhoose's new Wonderfu' Jake 60/- was first to finish at around 4pm on Saturday afternoon.

It is usually a bit later before the font-clips get turned round and we start to get concerned if we will last out till the end.

It has happened before and there was a contingency 2 casks waiting in the wings which helped us get to closing time with still a little in hand!

We like to think it was good planning rather than just good luck! More probably it was a bit of both but not going to worry about it too much as long as we're lucky enough to plan it as well next year!

But, the best is...

when you start to see your aims and objectives being realised. This year, half as much wine was sold as in previous years.

What's good about that is more women were trying and enjoying the ales on offer and that is one of the objectives; "the promotion, enjoyment and awareness about the pleasures of a varied, sometimes very different range of beers and real ales" to as wide an audience as possible.

And, that's as good a note to end on as any so cheers and see you all again next year!

Some memories from this year - everyone enjoying themselves!

Festival 2104 1 Festival 2104 2

Festival 2104 3 Festival 2104 4

Festival 2104 5