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It's almost time! See the Clock...
Thursday, 25 September 2014 16:08

Festival time 5 o'clock

Clock Ale is counting down to Five o'Clock!

That's it done. All setup and raring to go and not long to wait now.

Friday 26 September at 5 o'clock

Clock Brew is just one of the new ales from one of the new breweries at the festival this and on the bar waiting for you this year.

Our new bar just fits the bill with 34 hand-pumps, 31 real ales and 3 ciders (and were pretty certain the ciders won't run out this year)!

New bar and beers

Mini bus on both nights

And, remember there is a mini-bus from Linlithgow and back on both evenings. Should help make it wee bit easier so you waste less time waiting around and more time to enjoy a beer or two.

So, set your alarm for a 5 o'clock ale and we'll see you there.


The Beers on the Bar