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Linlithgow-Bo'ness festival mini bus pickup

Thursday, 01 October 2015 15:22

Bus StopLinlithgow - Bo'ness mini bus link

If you live in Bo'ness or Linlithgow you will know that public transport between the two is pretty dire at best and never when you want it!

So to make it easier for visitors to the beer festival BRAAS has organised a mini-bus between Linlithgow and Bo’ness Town Hall, each way, of course!

Bus stop, bus stop, but where?

Linlithgow to Bo’ness

Most real ale drinkers will know The Four Mary’s in Linlithgow and that’s a good starting point!

Linlithgow CrossThis year the bus will be parked somewhere round the square at The Cross (pretty much opposite The Four Mary's as well), you can't really miss it.

Fourways taxis of Bo'ness is helping out so just look for a Fourways Mini Bus with BRAAS poster in the window.

Should be pretty easy to see their taxis are generally white with, you guessed it, Fourways Taxis on them!

The bus will leave from The Cross on:-

Friday @ 6 pm & 7 pm

Saturday @ 3 pm, 6 pm & 7 pm

Bo’ness to Linlithgow

The bus will leave from outside the town hall and drop off at the same pickup point in Linlithgow.

Their will be no specific set time going back and be dependent on the demand and how many at each time but will around:-

Friday 9 pm, 10 pm & 11 pm

Saturday 9 pm, 10 pm & 11 pm

The fixed scheduling didn't work as well last year so this year they will be a bit more flexible and hopefully more convenient to get down to the festival and time to enjoy a few beers and back to Linlithgow if you need to catch another connection back home.

The cost will be £2.50 each way which is a pretty good deal!

Look forward to seeing you all regardless of how you get there!

Picture credit: Flavell Creative Images


Beers on the bar - 2015 Real Ale Festival

Monday, 28 September 2015 13:38

2015 Bo'ness Real Ale Festival - Beer List

Beers on the Bar 2015

As in previous years there are some well-known, well-liked ales for you to enjoy and as usual a few other beers from new breweries (one only 4 months old) you may not have had the opportunity of trying yet.

There are 34 beers to choose from and this year a couple of extra ciders as well.

So, there is bound to be something to take your fancy but before sticking to the one you have enjoyed before make sure and try a few of the others - they are all good!


Real Ale Festival - We’re on The John Muir Way!

Thursday, 13 August 2015 15:11

2015 Bo'ness Real Ale Festival Theme

Everyone who has ever been to the Bo'ness Beer Festival will know we always have a theme to celebrate or commemorate something, an event or other activity, that is or will be significant or helps put Bo’ness on the map.

Detail of Festival Logo 2015

We've always been lucky since the first festival way back in 2001 when the festival first began to celebrate Bo’ness 400, the anniversary of Bo’ness being designated in 1601, as an official port on the Forth.

That started it off and there has been a different theme every year since.

Last year was the first year that our festival glasses were sponsored as in the past it was just the beers that were sponsored by both local businesses, groups and even some individuals.

The were sponsored last year by SRPS (Scottish Railway Preservation Society) to help bring home to Scotland an old Stanier 8F Heavy Goods steam engine.

On the map and on the way!

The map is the River Forth and it’s The John Muir Way.

This year our glasses will again be sponsored with the slogan we’re on the way! And, the two sponsors can both claim to be truly on the way!


Bo'ness Real Ale Festival 2015

Thursday, 06 August 2015 13:39

Bo'ness Real Ale Festival 2015

Planning each year's real ale festival starts around about January and this year it is pretty well done. The theme has been agreed (more on that to come), the glasses ordered, and it only now remains to be seen what beers are available closer to the time.

Festival goers enjoying the beer

It came as no real surprise that it was another successful festival in 2014 but we still get a bit nervous.

But, after 14 years, everyone who comes for the first, second or from the very beginning tell us they enjoy it and actually look forward to it so maybe we just need to stop getting 'you know what's in a twist' and look forward to it like everyone else!

Dates for your diary in 2015

Last year the festival was held on the last weekend of September as someone, during the transfer of responsibility from Falkirk Council to Falkirk Community Trust, got in first and booked 'our' weekend.

As said last year, if "everything goes well, first weekend in October will be our fixed time from now on" and barring some real disaster that should now be the festival dates.

So, for 2015 these are:-

Bo'ness Town Hall

Friday 2 October, 5pm till 11pm
Saturday 3 October, Noon till 11pm

for some Beer, Band and Burgers


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